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Starbucks Coffee

The DiningGuide database has 168 profiles for this restaurant chain in the Portland Oregon area. Readers have rated this chain, on average, 3.0 out of 5.0. The "smiley faces" below show how readers opinion of a given restaurant location.

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Battle Ground Locations

11 N.W. 12th Ave.(not rated)360-666-2874
2108 W. Main St.(not rated)360-687-4130

Beaverton Locations

11405 S.W. Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.(not rated)503-626-6549
1400 S.W. Karl Braun Dr.(not rated)503-627-6921
14600 W. Murray Scholls Dr.(not rated)503-590-7886
16005 S.W. Walker Rd.(not rated)503-533-9216
18000 N.W. Evergreen Pkwy.(not rated)503-533-4043
18320 N.W. Evergreen Pkwy.(not rated)503-629-4911
3205 S.W. Cedar Hills Blvd.(not rated)503-626-5233
4037 S.W. 117th Ave.(not rated)503-520-8889
8400 S.W. Nimbus Ave.(not rated)503-644-8215

Canby Locations

1385 S.E. 1st Ave.(not rated)503-266-5356

Clackamas Locations

10225 S.E. Sunnyside Rd.(not rated)503-786-7814
12012 S.E. Sunnyside Rd.(not rated)503-698-7109
14840 S.W. Webster Rd.(not rated)503-303-1071
9078 S.E. Sunnyside Rd.(not rated)503-659-8455

Forest Grove Locations

2836 Pacific Ave.(not rated)503-359-8700

Gresham Locations

1018 N.W. Civic(not rated)503-667-9943
2233 E. Burnside Rd.(not rated)503-465-8091
2442 E. Burnside(not rated)503-666-9524

Hillsboro Locations

102 E. Main St.(not rated)503-846-9299
2002 N.W. Stucki Ave.(not rated)503-645-5029
2177 N.W. 185th(not rated)503-645-6631
22055 N.W. Imbrie Dr.(not rated)503-693-8831
6221 N.E. Cornell Rd.(not rated)503-640-0740
6495 S.E. Tualatin Valley Hwy.(not rated)503-848-4550
7500 W. Baseline(not rated)503-591-7557
880 N.E. 25th Ave.(not rated)503-640-4659
888 N.E. 25th Ave.(not rated)503-681-8927

Hood River Locations

1040 E. Marina Rd.(not rated)541-386-4691
2249 Cascade Ave.(not rated)541-386-1841

Lake Oswego Locations

1175 McVey Ave.(not rated)503-675-1334
16199 Boones Ferry Rd.(not rated)503-635-3429
16398 S.W. Boones Ferry Rd.(not rated)503-699-3007
17449 Boones Ferry Rd.(not rated)503-534-2938
17779 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Rd.(not rated)503-675-2500
3 Monroe Pkwy.(not rated)503-675-9097
47 N. State St.(not rated)503-699-8581
5800 Meadows Rd.(not rated)503-598-9846
8 Centerpointe Dr.(not rated)503-624-7065

Newberg Locations

3300 Protland Rd.(not rated)503-357-1358

Oregon City Locations

1839 Molalla Ave.(not rated)503-557-1826
1900 S.E. McLouglin Blvd.(not rated)503-723-2833
19701 S. Hwy. 213(not rated)503-657-8869

Portland Locations

100 N.W. 20th Pl.(not rated)503-273-2004
10010 S.W. Barbur Blvd.(not rated)503-244-9884
1009 S.W. 6th Ave.(not rated)503-241-7408
10112 N.E. Halsey St.(not rated)503-251-5164
1012 N.W. 21st Ave.(not rated)503-224-9686
10218 S.W. Washington Square(not rated)503-670-9828
1035 N.E. Martin Luther King Blvd.(not rated)503-234-4141
10826 S.E. Oak St.(not rated)503-652-7962
1102 N.W. Lovejoy St.(not rated)503-227-2724
11070-C S.W. Barnes Rd.(not rated)503-646-9676
1134 N.W. Gilsan St.(not rated)503-221-7426
11636 S.W. Pacific Hwy.(not rated)503-639-0925
11906 S.E. Division(not rated)503-762-1424
11919 N. Jantzen Ave.(not rated)503-285-6233
12000 S.E. 82nd Ave.(not rated)503-659-0953
1211 S.W. 5th Ave.(not rated)503-525-0954
12700 S.W. Dakota(not rated)503-579-2333
1300 S.W. Third Ave.(not rated)503-226-7119
1301 N.W. 23rd Ave.(not rated)503-227-2038
1305 S.E. Tacoma St.(not rated)503-234-6020
13560 S.W. Pacific Hwy.(not rated)503-598-0638
14300 S.W. Barrows Rd.(not rated)541-746-1653
1440 S.W. Park Ave.(not rated)503-241-4119
14555 S.W. Teal Blvd.(not rated)503-590-9755
14620 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd.(not rated)503-659-3653
1510 N.E. Broadway(not rated)503-249-0017
15350 S.W. Sequoia Pkwy.(not rated)503-620-7211
16200 S.W. Pacific Hwy.(not rated)503-684-5397
1621 N.E. Grand Ave.(not rated)503-281-3395
1633 N.E. 39th(not rated)503-287-3565
1710 S.W. Jefferson St.(not rated)503-239-5275
1717 S.W. Park Ave.(not rated)503-241-1281
1718 N. Jantzen Beach(not rated)503-978-1865
18425 N.W. W. Union Rd.(not rated)503-533-5998
1850 S.W. Skyline Blvd.(not rated)503-292-1691
1864 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.(not rated)503-239-7690
1972 W. Burnside St.(not rated)503-234-1523
2021 N.W. Miller Rd.(not rated)503-297-0142
22075 N.W. Imbrie Dr.(not rated)503-747-1100
2328 W. Burnside(not rated)503-228-8777
2490 N. Hwy. 99(not rated)503-435-3120
2803 E. Burnside(not rated)503-238-1408
2834 S.E. 82nd Ave.Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5503-771-1585
3030 N.E. Weidler St.(not rated)503-284-9907
305 S.W. 4th Ave.(not rated)503-227-0960
3275 N.W. 29th Ave.(not rated)503-241-4997
3507 N.E. 15th Ave.(not rated)503-249-2874
3639 S.E. Hawthorne Ave.(not rated)503-234-1757
4328 S.E. 82nd Ave.(not rated)503-788-0608
4437 S.E. 39th Ave.(not rated)503-771-1552
4633 N.E. Fremont St.(not rated)503-282-0147
4708 N.W. Bethany Blvd.(not rated)503-533-2233
4735 S.W. 77th Ave.(not rated)503-291-7181
5415 S.W. Beaverton- Hilldale Hwy.(not rated)503-246-1713
555 S.W. Oak St.(not rated)503-226-8286
601 S.W. Washington St.(not rated)503-916-8352
603 S.W. Jackson(not rated)503-227-2067
605 N.W. 23rd(not rated)503-223-1747
6080 S.W. Macadam(not rated)503-452-1517
6201 Arlington Blvd.(not rated)503-418-5350
6326 S.W. Capital Hwy.(not rated)503-977-3638
6901 N.E. Sandy Blvd.(not rated)503-280-1200
700 S.W. 5th(not rated)503-223-3066
7001 S.E. Milwaukee Ave.(not rated)503-230-9603
7118 S.W. Hazelfern Rd.(not rated)503-620-0563
720 S.W. Broadway(not rated)503-223-2488
7315 S.W. Garden Home Rd.(not rated)503-244-3741
7421 S.W. Barbur Blvd.(not rated)503-245-7540
7515 S.W. Barnes Rd.(not rated)503-296-9597
7737 S.W. Capital Hwy.(not rated)503-245-1961
8330 N. Ivanhoe St.(not rated)503-205-1599
8510 S.W. Terwilliger Blvd.(not rated)503-977-9866
8539 N. Lombard(not rated)503-289-2310
906 S.W. Taylor St.(not rated)503-295-0404
910 S.W. 2nd Ave.(not rated)503-274-0330
925 Lloyd Center(not rated)503-249-0416
9359 S.W. Washington Square Rd.(not rated)503-968-9232
9467 S.W. Washington Square Rd.(not rated)503-620-3761
9610 S.E. 82nd Ave.(not rated)503-788-7910
One S.W. Columbia St.(not rated)503-221-6540

Sandy Locations

36765 E. Hwy. 26(not rated)503-668-4390
37601 Hwy. 26(not rated)503-668-2330

Sherwood Locations

16030 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Rd.(not rated)503-625-9581
20661 S.W. Roy Rogers Rd.(not rated)503-925-9262
20685 Roy Rogers Rd.(not rated)503-625-4760
21365 S.W. Baler Way(not rated)503-610-6000

The Dalles Locations

520 Mount Hood St.(not rated)541-298-9488

Tillamook Locations

1701 Wilson River Loop Rd.(not rated)503-842-2736

Troutdale Locations

22352 Park Ln.(not rated)503-465-2146
2501 S.W. Cherry Park Rd.(not rated)503-674-7000
25691 S.E. Stark(not rated)503-667-1722
26619 S.E. Stark St.(not rated)503-667-3311

Tualatin Locations

19200 S.W. Martinazzi(not rated)503-691-4200
8515 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Rd.(not rated)503-691-1826
8639 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Rd.(not rated)503-691-9448

Vancouver Locations

11502 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd.(not rated)360-253-5270
12101 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd.(not rated)360-891-3626
12909 N.E. 99(not rated)-
13719 S.E. Mail Plain Blvd.(not rated)360-891-4245
14300 N.E. 20th Ave.(not rated)360-576-4448
16320 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd.(not rated)360-253-8035
1900A N.E. 162nd Ave.(not rated)360-604-0972
2420 Main St.(not rated)360-750-1730
304 W. 8th St.(not rated)360-699-0684
530 S.E. 192nd Ave.(not rated)360-896-8784
6700 N.E. 162nd Ave.(not rated)360-944-2680
6711 N.E. 63rd St.(not rated)360-992-5680
7411 N.E. 117th Ave.(not rated)360-896-3508
7720 N.E. Hwy. 99(not rated)360-993-4365
800 N.E. Tenney Rd.(not rated)360-571-2973
8086 E. Mill Plain Blvd.(not rated)360-696-0476
8101 N.E. Pkwy. Dr.(not rated)360-253-7123
8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Dr.(not rated)360-896-0640
8720 N.E. Centerpointe Dr.(not rated)360-885-4559
8801 N.E. Hazel Dell Ave.(not rated)360-713-0004

Warrenton Locations

171 S. Hwy. 101(not rated)503-861-5633

West Linn Locations

1855 Blankenship Rd.(not rated)503-723-9375
18750 S.W. Willamette Dr.(not rated)503-699-0247
22000 Salamo Rd.(not rated)503-650-8954
22000 Willamette Dr.(not rated)503-656-7516
22750 Salamo Rd.(not rated)503-723-0085

Wilsonville Locations

25600 S.W. Argyle(not rated)503-582-0215
30299 S.W. Boones Ferry Rd.(not rated)503-582-9741
8269 S.W. Wilsonville Rd.(not rated)503-582-9569
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